Like the USDJPY the cross is heading again towards the resistance that protects the 2019 peaks, and yet it can be broken through them. Later, both the moving average and the MACD marked a couple of sales. All in all, it has been a year of praise for equities in the region despite a bit of a hiccup in Hong Kong and some minor criticism with emerging markets in particular. On December 13, both countries announced a first phase agreement. The trade war continued to damage manufacturing activities related to export. Riots in the Middle East also have the merchants of the guards in the markets. Mass protests have taken over Iraq since October 1.

The price of gold seems to be stuck in a narrow range after operating at its highest level since 2013, but the precious metal may continue to exhibit bullish behavior in 2020 as market participants seek protection against fiat currencies. Oil prices were also supported by a larger than expected decline in US crude oil inventories. The market may face an uphill struggle to hang on at that level, but the bulls that will have to be followed and the challenge of 2019 April highs. And guess what a strong business is, getting these short professionals would be a huge benefit.

The hopes of relaxation between Washington and Beijing seemed to be particularly powerful. We like to call them false exit. We would love to have along. Breaks in this range may not be trustworthy until market volume revives. In what appeared to be an almost challenging movement of currency strength, the US dollar. obtained through September trade as the Fed was talking about the prospect of lower and smoother rate policy. The positive side is that it is less likely to be wrong. Upon reaching Q4, the bearish side of the US dollar was observed in our previous technical forecast, driven by an ascending wedge pattern that often approached with the objective of bearish reversal.