Far from being the negative catalyst that could deflate the chances that the price of rising gold, a modest increase in interest rates could, in fact, stabilize the price of gold. The price of gold seems to be trapped in a thin range ahead of the closing rate of the Federal Reserve of interest for the year 2019, however the trends exploding outside the US they could influence the short-term outlook for valuable steel because Trump’s management prepares to touch China’s price lists on December 15 that seems to be caught in a narrow range of the latest Federal Reserve interest rate decision of 2019 , but the events that leave the US they can influence the short-term outlook for the precious metal as the Trump administration prepares toraise China’s price tariffs on December 15 gold have experienced a strong rebound last month, largely in the back of the decision of the Federal Reserve of the United States of not raising interest rates. While the price of gold seems to be reaching a minimum of several years, the real demand for yellow shelter is increasing rapidly, especially in emerging markets in Asia. SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) Gold prices fell on Wednesday in concerns over a stronger dollar ahead of the Federal Reserve policy statement and in response to Barclays lower its gold forecast.

The dollar could weaken and gold could strengthen if the report is produced in the lower part of the expected. It fell against other currencies and the 10-year Treasury yield fell below 2 percent for the first time since March 2. It weakened on Friday after the release of GDP data as investors expressed doubts growth would continue on The rest of the year .

After a peak price that was considerably lower than the maximum gold summer temperatures, the yellow metal was reduced again in negative territory. Gold is considered a safe haven asset at the time of political and economic turmoil. It was also pressed at the end of the week, when the dollar picked up some strength, especially in response to the weakness of the euro and a trade agreement between the United States and the European Union. GoldMoney customers have been selling all precious metals network in the last two weeks, with him being the most actively traded. There was support from the United States last week as government debt yields fell in the week after the Federal Reserve gave signs that inflation could allow it to run above its target and geopolitical fears pushed the Investors towards more secure asset classes. It is likely to weaken if the meeting is restored. It recovered when the dollar lost ground against the Japanese yen earlier in the week in reports that the Bank of Japan is preparing to make changes in monetary policy.

The Fed on Wednesday lowered its view of economic activity, saying that growth has moderated slightly, a change in its view in December, when the expanding economic activity was cited at a solid pace. It also plans to meet on Wednesday. The Fed on Wednesday lowered its view of economic activity, saying that growth has moderated slightly, “ a change in its view in December, when the expanding economic activity was cited at a solid pace.

Gold futures closed down last week, but within the range of the previous week, indicating investor indecision and impending volatility. At the same time, there is the potential for harm to American consumers when international obligations make national intellectual property laws more difficult to reform or, in some cases, more stringent than they would otherwise be. There is also some less chance of a decrease in the number of relatively weak tropical cyclones, the number of intense tropical cyclones and a global decrease in the total number of tropical cyclones increased.

Investors accept full responsibility for each and every one of their investment decisions based on their own independent research and the evaluation of their own investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial status. Each investor is solely responsible for determining whether a particular value or investment strategy is appropriate based on its objectives, participations or other values, needs, financial situation and tax status. On Tuesday, investors will have the opportunity to react with the consumer confidence report of the Conference Board. On Wednesday, they will get the first look at the US employment data. with the launch of the ADP Non-Farm Employment Change report.

Market are digesting China’s inflation figures over the weekend, which showed a new restraint of CPI inflation, allowing the largest government hall to loosen monetary policy. How the (financial) market reacts to what we expect to be a less pessimistic June statement is determined by the narrative that is developed at the press conference, said Millán Mulraine, director, research and US strategy. . from TD Securities. The gold market is seeing little reaction to Powell’s comments, as it declined dramatically a few minutes before the departure of his prepared testimony.