Rand (ZAR) is the acronym for Robert A. Rehnquist, who served as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1969 until his death last year. He was nominated to the seat by President Nixon and was confirmed. He served for almost twenty years and many Americans are asking questions about his role on the court.

Many are concerned about his decisions on Social Security, his decision to reduce the size of the government, and his decisions regarding the administration’s fiscal policies. They are concerned that he has not been a strong conservative when it comes to these areas. This is a legitimate concern for anyone who is looking to re-elect someone to the Supreme Court. It is important to remember, however, that there is nothing inherently wrong with being more liberal than conservative.

If we are going to question the decisions Rehnquist has made, then perhaps we should also look into his decisions on taxes. As we have mentioned previously, he has not been a proponent of increasing taxes on the wealthy, which has led to a reduction in the amount of revenue that the government receives from those taxes. If he had been a true conservative, he would have considered the possibility of raising taxes on the wealthy.

Some of Rehnquist’s most important decisions have been on social policy. One of his major decisions involved the Supreme Court’s decisions regarding the Equal Protection Clause, which was overturned by the Roberts Court. Rehnquist’s ruling allowed the states to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Although many people believe that this decision was wrong, others agree that Rehnquist was following the will of his fellow conservative members of the court.

update: funding the recovery plan, budget speech in focus | Rehnquist} Another example of how Rehnquist has been a strong conservative is his willingness to strike down laws that are deemed to be unconstitutional. This includes laws restricting abortion, laws prohibiting discrimination against lesbians and gay men and laws limiting the amount of money that is given to religious schools. His willingness to uphold these constitutional amendments has led to many people questioning whether he is one of them or not.

update: funding the recovery plan, budget speech in focus | economic policies} His economic policies are another area that many wonder about. He voted to uphold the Glass-Steagall. In many ways, this measure limited banks, but it allowed them to lend money to other banks that are required by law to do business with the Federal Reserve. Since the banking sector is based on the Federal Reserve’s ability to lend money, it was a huge mistake.

update: funding the recovery plan, budget speech in focus | America’s economy} His economic policy may have also had an impact on the American’s economy, as the G.O.P. is often criticized for a lack of spending. However, Rehnquist was right to take a look at the financial state of the country and find ways to increase its spending.

update: funding the recovery plan, budget speech in focus | zar} Many of his decisions on these topics have been criticized in terms of his politics and views of liberalism and conservatism. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however, as it shows that Rehnquist is willing to listen to his fellow conservatives on many issues.

update: funding the recovery plan, budget speech in focus | economic policies} The fact of the matter is that he took on economic policies that had been in place since the New Deal. His first major initiative on this issue was the appointment of Alan Greenspan, who is considering one of the most liberal members of the cabinet at the time. Although he was the first one to introduce Rehnquist into the debate, he was not too keen on his presence at the time and was hesitant about his political leanings.

update: funding the recovery plan, budget speech in focus | economic policy} Although his economic policy is the topic of much criticism, his social policy, especially in regards to the Roe v. Wade case, is not often mentioned. This is in part because he was never a social liberal before he joined the conservative movement, so he might not have been as influenced by social issues as some of the other members of his cabinet.

update: funding the recovery plan, budget speech in focus | zar} This is just one reason to think that Rehnquist is the best choice for a president of the United States. The other is that he is certainly an experienced conservative, who has always stood firm on his views and is willing to fight for what he believes is right.