The US Dollar is a key economic indicator that moves in the direction of major developments in the global markets. When the outlook is favorable, the impact on the market is such that it brings about a lot of profit and many traders believe that this can be explained through a quantitative analysis, which can show the trend change in the course of time. As such, you will need to look at the patterns to determine whether a turn towards bullish or bearish is in progress.

Achieving good positioning by holding USD/CAD and NZD/USD is important to the value of the currency. Traders who use the time trend is a requirement as this shows where they stand.

A market day is the best time to explore the US Dollar Positioning Outlook: USD/CAD and NZD/USD trends analyzed by Trendgauge. A trendgauge chart analyzes the current data and calculates trends that the market is moving toward.

Trendgauge also offers multiple currency pair analyses and provides trading signals on the probability of a move in the currency pair. It provides one with two charts: a flat line for the currency pair as well as trends, meaning what the trend is saying.

We have a US Dollar Trend chart displaying the USD/CAD as well as NZD/USD charts to help you gain insight on the pace of the move for these currencies. Using a Time Trend allows you to see where the currency is heading. Charting these charts helps in determining when the currency has moved in a direction that could possibly take it to new highs or lows.

Once you know how long it is going to take to get to the upside, this will allow you to decide whether or not to hold the USD or to hold the NZD or USD. Trendgauge will provide you with a way to see if it is possible to buy at the right time.

Trendgauge also provides you with the trend analyses for any currency pair. This shows you the probability of a move in either direction in a given timeframe. Trendgauge provides two charts, which will allow you to examine the movements at different time periods.

The main idea here is that you can see the trends through the gap between two peaks, or the difference between the highest peak and the lowest. These two charts are the result of the difference between two lines, which is the shape of the curve and as such are also known as top/bottom charts.

An alternative method for charting the value of the US Dollar and whether it is going up or down would be the most complex to attempt. However, it is a combination of the methods used by the above charts.

Using the top/bottom chart you can examine the movement between the best and worst points of the period and also the duration of the peak. You will be able to interpret how strong the move was and whether it continues or if it is just the start of a more substantial move.

The bottom line is that the US Dollar is a very important piece of currency and what may happen in the markets in the future will have a direct impact on its value. When you are trading your money, it is often easy to miss the basic value of the currency, but by following Trendgauge you will be better able to spot the true value of the USD.